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"The Mission of Central Communications Credit Union is to help members gain personal financial success through the use of a variety of financial services, which feature benefits and advantages beyond those generally available. These
include more competitive rates on saving and loan products and family friendly service.











FOR SALE: 2006 Harley Davison XL 883L excellent condition only 4100 miles. NADA $7100 minimum bid $3000. Call Patricia at 816 842 0727. Can been seen at Independence office.
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Some bankers and their trade associations are asking legislators to tax credit unions. The truth is, a tax hike on credit unions is a tax hike on all American consumers. You may not realize this, but your credit union doesn't pay federal (corporate) income tax. Please watch this video to see why credit unions should remain tax exempt.


**2% Enterprise Discount Rate
APR=Annual Percentage Rate. 2.00% off current rate. Current rate will vary based on credit worthiness and terms. Floor rate 2.49% APR. Financing for qualified CCCU members. No other rate discounts apply. Offer valid only on Enterprise Car Sales vehicles purchased from 3/1/14 - 7/31/14.


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